I finished a sock last night. They always seem to fly by once I turn the heel. I think I turned the heel..On Sunday. Stayed up later than I should have last night finishing it, but oh well. Now I just have to avoid second sock syndrome and hop to it on the second one. I had some trouble dragging myself through the first one, so hopefully I don’t let SSS overcome.

100_8600Waffle Socks

Pattern: My brain

Yarn: KP Essentials Tweedy or something like that. I forget the name and don’t feel like looking

Needles: 2.5 i think.

Ravelry Link

In other news, I’m planning on trying a recipe for actual food this weekend. I usually just bake sweets..but I’m going to make dinner on Friday. We’ll see how it works out..I’m wary. It’s been rainy and gloomy all week and I’m really tired of it. Today marks two weeks until I get to be in Alaska for Thanksgiving, and I can’t wait..The time is moving so slow for me right now.


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