Lazy Weekends

This weekend has been a nice one. I did a fair amount of knitting and baking! Weeee.

On Friday night I tried a recipe from a Weight Watchers cookbook my mom recently sent to me, called Best Eats. The recipe is called Pulled Chicken BBQ Wraps. I thought the bbq sauce was pretty meh. Not terrible, but definitely not amazing.

100_8607My friend Justin, who came over so I could try the recipe on me, thought they it was better in a taco shell as opposed to the whole wheat tortillas. There is a lot of left overs, so maybe I’ll try that one of these days. We also ended up making a batch of snickerdoodles, although I didn’t take any pictures. They taste fine, but I think they aren’t as chewy as I’d like them to be. My first time making snickerdoodles though, so maybe next time I’ll try a different recipe.

On Saturday morning I went to Weight Watchers, and then after I was at the grocery store and got a phonecall from my mom with some sad news, which prompted me to come back to the apartment and bake a cheesecake. I had been planning on it anyways, but the sad news urged me to make it earlier than planned. I haven’t gotten any pictures of it yet, as a) it’s not going to be eaten until this evening and b) it has been chilling in the fridge.

In knitting news, I finished a pair of mittens this weekend! About two weeks ago, I knitted a Swell Hat as a Christmas present for my younger brother. My sisters are getting hat/mittens sets for Christmas so I decided that Trevor would get them too. So I embarked on a pair of mittens to match. I loosely based the actual mitten off of this pattern, with a lot of mods. I knitted up until a few rows after the gusset, then I used the chart from the hat. I reversed the colors, as I definitely didn’t have enough blue to do them the same way I did the hat. They turned out wonderfully. I still could use some work on my stranded color techniques..but I am getting better!!

100_8613I also taught myself how to crochet (holy crap single crochet is sooo easy!!) and kind of made up an edging for the hat, as to stabilize the curl from the stockinette.

100_8612Pretty cute, huh? I’m stoked with how they turned out.

One response to “Lazy Weekends

  1. Wow, I love the hat and mittens. They look so good together! The colors and pattern are awesome.

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