What a weekend.

Holy crap a lot happened this weekend.

First and foremost: THE HOLY WAR!! I went, I saw, I had a boatload of fun. Utah beat BYU 48-24, making our season 12-0. It was awesome to watch, I actually vaguely understood some of the football, and we rushed the field after the game ended. Definitely an unforgettable experience. I got some pictures and video. You can see the pictures here. That’s a facebook link, and will work even for you non-facebookers.

That’s the better of the two videos. The other one is also on my youtube account if you’d like to watch!

I also baked a BUTTLOAD on Friday. Well, Thursday and Friday combined. Thursday was like pumpkin extravaganza, and Friday I made RAINBOW CUPCAKES and Sugar cookies, which I don’t think turned out that well.

The rainbow cupcakes were amazing..They not only tasted good, but they looked amazing as well. Like, seriously. If I owned a bakery, I’d call it Rainbow Cupcakes, because they would be my specialty. I used this recipe for the cupcake batter and followed her instructions for making them rainbow as well. I just used less colors..and managed to make my cupcakes freaking enormous. Whoops!

100_8634100_8636100_8637Next time I think I want to find some food coloring that produces more vibrant colors (less pastels) and try something interesting with the frosting. For Christmas I think I’m gonna make some red and green ones!

On Sunday I ended up making some Pecan Pie Bars to go with dinner, I didn’t take any pictures but HOLY CRAP are they delicious. That is pretty much it for this weekend. Doesn’t sound like much, but it felt action packed to me. This week however, is a pretty lazy one. I have school tomorrow and then I leave early on Wednesday morning to Cordova for Thanksgiving! I’m super excited to see my family and visit Cordova, it is so pretty.


One response to “What a weekend.

  1. Cyndie and I have just gone through looking at all you’re baking pics. Wow – everything looks so good! It is definitely our hope that you bake some of these wonderful treats and we get some before your family eats them all; – )

    I’m loving your blog – thanks for writing it!

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