Just a few things

Finally pictures of the Christmas decorations! They are pretty mild, considering we are all a) broke college students and b) won’t be spending Christmas in this apartment. but I wanted to decorate anyways, because I love Christmas and it was all pretty cheap. I’m pretty sure we spent under 25-30 bucks overall.

100_8731There’s lights in the window too, but they’re covered up by the blinds. We generally leave the blinds shut, as the door to the housing office is directly underneath that window so there is a lot of traffic out front..and having people watch you is creepy.

100_8732Our “fireplace” with stockings. The tiny stockings were like $1 at Smith’s (Utah equivalent to Fred Meyer’s) and I just puff painted our names on them, poorly.

100_8733The disney princess Christmas tree. Pretty much the best thing ever, huh? My roommates, Suzi and Megan bought this last year and somebody put it up a couple days after Thanksgiving. I think its awesome. All the ornaments are either little portraits of the princesses or balls that say their names. We put up a garland above the cupboards in the kitchen, but its not that cute so I didn’t take any pictures.  It’s just silly and festive.

And int he holiday spirit today, it is DUMPING snow on campus. I’m not sure if it’s snowing down in town, as campus is at quite a bit higher elevation than the rest of Salt Lake City, but I’m thinking this snow might actually stick. Maybe. I thought the snow in November would stick too though..Oh well. I have 8 days till I go home for Christmas, so if this snow doesn’t stick I’ll definitely get some snow then:)

I leave you with a hysterical video I found via cuteoverload. Apparently this video was taken in Japan, where the girl was on vacation and made the mistake of feeding the deer..Whoops. I laughed, a lot. Hope everyone is having a fabulous monday!


One response to “Just a few things

  1. I wasn’t going to comment, however, that tree is worthy – Wow! Of course, you know Catherine would love that tree! Sounds like your week is off to a good start – good luck on your finals……

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