My First Felting Adventure!

Felting. I have to admit I was always a little bit afraid of felting. The thought of knitting something, and then shrinking it has always terrified me, because I was never sure it would turn out right. But I decided to take the plunge and try! I had been thinking about making some felted mittens, as I knew they were much warmer than regular knit mittens, and thanks to Ravelry I found this pattern.

100_8739I knit the body of the mitten on size 9 DPNs, with Knit Picks Wool Of The Andes..The colorway is Dark Cherry Heather. Then I single crocheted around the bottom with some acrylic. In this picture you can see the swatch I also felted.

100_8741And then we felted them. I live in apartments on campus here at UU, so I a) don’t trust the washing machines and b)they are all front loaders. So I decided it would be best to hand felt them, and recruited my friend Justin to help me.

100_8743After they were done felting I let them dry for about 24 hours before knitting on the cuffs.

100_8744This picture is a terrible representation of the color. I knit the cuffs on size 4 DPNs with the same yarn.

100_8745I am really pleased with how they turned out! I’ll probably make another pair:). Now I am just one sock (well..1.25 socks. I need to knit the toe on one) and one pair of mittens away from being finished with my Christmas knitting. GO ME!

Pattern: Felted Mittens with Unfelted Wool Cuffs

Yarn: Knit Picks Wool Of The Andes in Dark Cherry Heather

Needles: US9 for the mittens, US4 for the cuffs.


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