I didn’t finish my christmas knitting.


I came close though! I finished my mom’s mittens about ten mittens before we left for church, and while I knitted some on the red pair of socks in the photo above..as you can see, I most obviously didn’t finish it. However, the recipient doesn’t mind one bit, and everyone else loved their knitted gifts.


I made red and green cupcakes on Christmas eve. The insides were red and green..kind of more pink and green, but close enough. And I put crushed candy canes on top of some of them.

My christmas was very good..I hope everybody else had a good one too.


2 responses to “I didn’t finish my christmas knitting.

  1. Love the pic and I LOVE my socks! The fact that you made them makes them extra special: )

    Love – N

    P.S. C loves hers as well!

  2. Yay! I’m not the only poor slob who didn’t finish their gift knitting in time for Xmas! And you’re right, no one minds.

    Love the cupcakes! We made waffles on Christmas Eve – new tradition at our house.


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