I keep on taking pictures and then being too lazy to post them.


can you tell what my favorite color is? the dark green in the front is fingering weight yarn that i can’t remember the name of at the moment, it is going to be made into a pair of Vinnland Socks – My first toe-ups!! The three big balls are Dream In Color Classy, I forget what colorway. They are going to be made into a Corona Sweater. The laceweight in front of the dream in color is Malabrigo Laceweight, for a Swallowtail shawl, which I don’t have a link for.

dscn0070Red socks! This means my christmas knitting is officially finished. The only thing I technically have left is a scarf, which the recipient knew about and doesn’t mind that its late..her present to me also is late, haha. Knit Picks Ristata colorway is Burgundy, US1.5 and generic sock pattern.

dscn0067My aunts bought me pretty much sweet socks for Cristmas..They are mis-matched, but only in color, the pattern is the same, and they are made from recycled cotton! I like them.

dscn0065I went to Old Navy last night and took advantage of after Christmas sales and a gift card. Three shirts for 20 bucks! I feel like I’m rocking the soccer mom chic with this one.

Other than the above pictures, I haven’t been up to much. It is offically -35F in town which means at my house, which is on a hill right outside of town it is a bit warmer..but last I checked it was -18F. So pretty flipping cold. And it’s ruining my plans of sledding and snow machining. Oh well, hopefully I’ll get around to it before I leave!


One response to “I keep on taking pictures and then being too lazy to post them.

  1. I have reported to C that her socks are finished, she is excited!! FYI – we are living in the -34 weather ; – ) We have pretty much been staying inside as well and not leaving the house. I’m calling tomorrow to arrange our knitting day date, time is running out……

    L – N

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