This is what I’m up to.

dscn0080Knitting. These are the Vinnland socks! I stayed up until 5am knitting on them on Sunday night..whoops. Didn’t really mean to do that, but I was having a lot of issues with the short row toe (mostly the cast on!) and then around 2 I made a breakthrough and got it and just had to gogogogogo. I had been planning on bed at two…oh well. They are not only my first toe-ups, but my first magic loop. The yarn is Hazel Knit’s Artisan Sock, colorway “Evergreen.” I bought it while I was in Cordova over Thanksgiving. I have made it through two more pattern repeats since I took that picture, and probably only need another one or two till I get to the heel! I also went to Inua Wool Shoppe today and spent a gift certificate and bought 4 skeins of Noro Silk Garden to make a Noro Striped Scarf. I got colorways 270 and 268. Lately I’ve been starting scarves and never finishing them, but hopefully the ease (and awesomeness) of this one will urge me on faster. I will probably cast it on right after I finish writing this post.

I have also been spending a lot of time hanging out with my friends and my family, naturally as I’m only in Fairbanks 4 months out of the year these days. Lots of it with my favorite 4 year old, my cousin Catherine, who is currently living at my house with her family. I pin my bangs back everyday, and apparently this morning she expressed the desire to her mom to have her bangs pinned back too, so I did it this afternoon. She barely has any bangs but it was really adorable.

dscn0097As you can see it didn’t really pull all of her bangs back..but she liked it. I’ve also been painting her nails on a regular basis, and when I played guitar hero for like two hours the other day she requested I teach her how to play. I woke up around 11am today, and she came home around 1130 and came down to my room (I was still in bed), and she goes “Oh, you are FINALLY UP! You take tooo long to wake up!” It was super cute.

I’ve also been driving around a lot (as you do in Fairbanks because it is pretty spread out..) and taking a lot of pictures of my amazing, beautiful town. It has been SUPER cold (-40F) and is supposed to be -50F on Sunday. Which means it is incredibly clear outside, thus incredibly beautiful. I love it when it’s this cold..but being outside kind of sucks! Today I was driving home around 4pm and the moon was amazing, so I ran up to UAF and parked in a spot on West Ridge that has an amazing few and took a few pictures. I’m loving having a new little camera that is easy to have in my purse.





Pretty epic huh? I’ve linked all the pictures to larger versions if you’d like to see more detail..


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  1. Did you know I love your blog? Loved the pics…..


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