My adventure of today.

Today I decided to take on my Vinnland socks (Ravelry link). A few days before I left Fairbanks I turned the heel, and was really  unhappy with how it turned out. It was ill-fitting, very tight and one side of it was all weird looking.

dscn0205I used some tutorial that I don’t remember that involved w&t, and I didn’t do that with the toe, and somehow that is what happened when I picked up the wraps on the purl side. And I didn’t pick up some of the wraps on the knit side and so there were holes. Basically, it was just bad news all around so I focused on my Noro Striped Scarf for a while (which is coming along quite nicely.). Finally today I decided to pick the socks up again, and I made the decision to rip out the heel. Which sucked, because I had gotten a ways up the ankle. Oooooh well. Gotta suck it up sometimes. I wanted to put a lifeline in, but found that putting a lifeline in after the fact was going to be hard, if not impossible (and to be honest, I did not look into it that much.). So I did it. I took the dive, I ripped out the heel. I put stitch markers in at the edges of either needle and went at it.


dscn0209Instead of just putting the needles back into it I decided to do a psuedo lifeline, and just thread a piece of waster yarn into the needles, and I was really happy with that process. I’m always paranoid that when I’m putting the needles back in its gonna stretch the other stitches and drop them. This really got me away from that.  And of that picture you can see the huge pile of yarn that I ripped out. So at this point I’m pretty pleased with my progress. No problems thus far.

dscn0210And then I get the needles in there and put them in backwards. GO ME. That was an easy fix though, I just transferred them (correctly) to my other long size 2 circular. Thank gracious. Then I finished the pattern repeat I was on and went onto turn the heel, which I haven’t finished yet. But I am feeling much better about it this time around, thank goodness! Pictures when I’m done with it, hopefully.


One response to “My adventure of today.

  1. This pair of socks seems like a journey – no doubt it will be worth the time time and effort! Keep going girl, I look forward to seeing the final product.

    L – N

    P.S. I hope you’re keeping these for yourself!

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