I haven’t written actual words on here in a really long time.

So here goes! I went to Weight Watchers this morning, and so far I have lost 39.6 lbs. I’ve been doing Weight Watchers since May 27th. HOLY CRAP! I am 0.8 lbs away from my goal right now. Gooood gracious. I’ve been putting off knitting on the Vinnland socks cause I’m angry at them right now, I haven’t blocked the Lace Ribbon Scarf yet because I’m lazy, and I’ve been knitting on a Celtic Cable Neckwarmer last night to soothe my knitting herves. I am like one pattern repeat away from being finished, so hopefully there will be some pictures of that for you all later on tonight. School has been alright, I am taking four classes. Digital Photography, The Acoustics of Speech and Hearing, Cultures of Africa, and Child and Infant Psychology/Development. I’ve been keeping up on my reading, and I aced a test of the countries of Africa last week. Well, I’m pretty sure I did. We haven’t gotten our tests back yet but I seriously only forgot two countries. Sierra Leone and one that I thought was part of Angola, but apparently it’s not. I probably played Africa Countries games online for a good four hours total, spread across two days to study for that test, haha.  Tonight I need to make brownies and I want to finish the neck warmer and block the scarf. Those are my goals. w00t!


One response to “I haven’t written actual words on here in a really long time.

  1. Congrats on being so close to your goal weight! What are you going to do to celebrate once you reach it? Sounds like you’ve been focused the studies which has taken away from the knitting – doesn’t sound lazy to me; – ) I haven’t knitted in two days – most days I’ve taken off since Christmas….Tomorrow I’ll make time. Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

    L – N

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