It’s been a few days.

I started my first lace project this weekend. On Saturday or Sunday, I don’t quit recall which. I decided to make a Swallowtail Shawl (there is a picture of it on that page somewhere), a while ago, and had asked for some Malabrigo Lace for Christmas. I had FINALLY finished the lace ribbon scarf so I ventured on. I’m trying to work my way up to a sweater. I have a pattern picked out, and yarn bought, but I am really wary. So apparently lace is less scary than a sweater, haha. I’m also going to knit my wonderful 4 (almost 5) year old cousin Catherine a sweater before I do an adult sized one. ANYWAYS. The shawl has gone wonderfully. I’ve made a few mistakes, most fixable without too much noticeable issues, however I’ve been inserting lifelines after every budding lace repeat. because well, when you do make mistakes they are helpful.dscn0298

This picture was taken on Monday. As you can see, it is off the needles, because I made some mistake and THANK GOD FOR LIFELINES. I have since made it through 11 out of the budding lace repeats and it has gone better every single repeat. I’m slightly worried my stitch markers are placed wrong, but we’ll see about that one.. And I’m nervous about the nupps. ick ick ick, increasing five stitches in one and then PURL FIVE TOGETHER on the wrong side. I’m also just consistently paranoid that I’ll screw up and never finish it. Oh well. The yarn is lovely, however next time I do lace I want something that is 2-ply. This stuff pills like crazy and sticks to itself, which makes tinking and ripping it out a pain in the butt. Here is a picture of what it looks like today….



One response to “It’s been a few days.

  1. The scarf and shawl are both impressive, you are ready for knitting the sweater!! It has been a crazy usy week so work on my hat has stalled but that’s okay, that happens – right? Tomorrow I will continue……

    Hope the week is going well!


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