Thanks so much!

First off, thanks to everyone who’s come by and left a comment about me reaching goal. Seriously, being told that I am an inspiration to someone is mind-blowing and gives me goosebumps, haha.

I’m having a hard time transitioning into the ‘maintain’ mindset so far. Probably doesn’t help that I’m PMS-ing. I really want to know how my body knows that it is the week before period week, even when I am on BC. For realz. It’s got a mind of it’s own, I swear. I also ate very little protein today, and that probably didn’t help me out very much. OH WELL. Tomorrow is a new day. I have to tell myself that soooo many times each day.

In knitting news: I finished the budding lace repeats on my Swallowtail! I need to count my stitches though..I am most worried about that. And then I have to tackle nupps. UCK. I also have been making progress on the Bounce Hat that I royally screwed up this weekend. Quite a bit of progress, in fact. Those things fly off the needles. I also am in the process of deciding where to stop my noro scarf. It is as long as I am tall, and I’m confident it’ll get slightly longer with blocking..but I’d really like to get to a certain color in the one of the skeins..which is at the very end. And I don’t want it to be like 8 feet long.

And then tonight in my Aerobics class (It’s really more of a core strength class, but it’s called aerobics) we did push ups on an exercise ball..Not the kind where you put the ball under your feet. The kind where you put your hands on the ball, and then do a wide stance (makes it way easier to balance.). Well, we did these last week and I couldn’t push up. Doing planks on them alone is SUPER wobbly and way hard to balance. Tonight I could do push ups!!! I dunno if it was that I finally figured out how to place myself on the ball or what, but I did them!!! I was pretty stoked on it.


One response to “Thanks so much!

  1. Hey there….

    I saw this quote and thought of your accomplishment of having reached your goal weight. “Good thoughts are no better than good dreams, unless they be executed.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson Here’s to you for setting a goal and taking action to accomplish it!

    L – N

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