i absolutely love finishing things.

dscn0340Noro Striped Scarf.

2 Skeins each of Noro Silk Garden 270 & 268, although I maybe used half of the second skeins of each.

US7 straights.

32 (i think?) stitches in 1×1 ribbed with slip stitch edging.

Ravelry Link

It is probably a little over 5’8″ long.

And yes, my glasses are crooked. I finished the bounce hat, but I am waiting to blog about it until I finish Kelsey’s. It’s on ravelry though!

PS: 87% on my first quiz of the year:)


2 responses to “i absolutely love finishing things.

  1. Scarf looks GREAT, hope you’re keeping that for yourself along with the hat!

    Don’t know about you but I’m glad for the weekend….Congrats on the quiz – looks like things are off to a very good start.

    L – N

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