seriously guys, good feelings abound.

dscn0344Gotta love my ghetto floor blocking methods. I finished this baby tonight too! It’s pretty small, but I think its gonna be cute. What I’ll wear it with…I have no idea. There are LOADS of silly little mistakes that I could have fixed. Oh well. And I am going to take WAY BETTER pictures tomorrow. And post details and such then too. I just had to get a picture of it all stretched out on the floor!:) This means I only have TWO THINGS on the needles right now. Which is practically a record for me, with the way I’ve been doing things lately. So I’ve got another Bounce hat (for Kelsey) and the Vinnland socks. Which lately I’ve been thinking about ripping out and making a pair of Charade Socks instead. Because I am angry at those socks, and I know that yarn would look nice with the Charade pattern. And maybe toe-up socks are not for me. It’s really just that dang heel that is giving me fits. I need to find a good tutorial for toe-up heel flaps..hmmmm….

In other news, I made cornbread muffins and chili last night! From a Weight Watchers cookbook, of course! Here is a crappy cell phone picture..image_142Tomorrow I need to go to the library and get some reading done, frost some Banana Spice Cookies I made tonight, and take pictures of the library for my digital photo class. I’m thinking the having to take pictures of the library will get me to the library to read! I didn’t make it last weekend, cause I’m a slacker. Oh well. Now, however, I need sleep.


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