dscn0382This is the only thing I have on the needles right now..I’m still pretending the vinnland socks don’t exist. I had waffled a lot of what to knit after finishing the two Bounce hats, and I have had this ShibiuKnits Sock yarn for a while now. In fact, I’ve tried to knit two different pairs of socks with it, and haven’t liked either. I think I FINALLY found the right pattern…Monkey! For a long time I had sworn myself against these socks (really dunno why) but now that I’ve finally started knitting them I really like the pattern. it is easy to knit, and it looks wonderful with this yarn. And I think it actually fits. Thank goodness. I’ve been having so many size issues lately..

In other news, my sisters are here in Salt Lake City visiting me this weekend, and we are having loads of fun. Hopefully we can take some pictures (none yet!). We’re going to the UU vs Air Force Men’s Basketball game this afternoon, hopefully it will be a good time!


2 responses to “WIP!:)

  1. dude i love that yarn….. a LOT

  2. I believe you should not give up on the Vinnland socks; – )

    L – N

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