Non-knitting Post.

One of my best friends, Holly, is here in Utah visiting me this week as she is on her Spring Break. She came in on Friday night, and on Saturday we shot down to St. George (About 4 hours south) and spent the night down there. It is beautiful, and was a nice escape from Salt Lake City. On Saturday afternoon we went to a sweet dinosaur museum. There is a big fossil site there in St. George and they built this museum thing around it..It was pretty neat.


dscn04421On Saturday morning we woke up and had a little bit of time to kill. St. George is only like 10 minutes from the border of Arizona..

dscn0445And I-15 drives through Arizona for about 30 miles and then it hits Nevada.

dscn0467And then we turned around and drove back to Utah, haha. I thought their sign sucked. But we took pictures anyways!!

dscn0481Squinty eyes and crooked smile..So typical Mallory!!! After all that we went to In n Out (for the second time!!) and headed to Zion National Park. What an absolutely beautiful place. We spent about three hours there, driving up from the south side of the park to the east entrance, and then we did a short hike that was about a mile round trip. It was breath taking.

dscn0556To see the rest of the pictures click here. It was an entirely wonderful weekend. Holly is here for the rest of this week, and hopefully she’ll have a good, relaxing spring break. Then next week on Wednesday I head out for my spring break! Yay.

In knitting news, my Spring Forward socks are moving along nicely. I turned the heel on Saturday night. They are wonderful to knit on!

One response to “Non-knitting Post.

  1. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time. Loved all the pics on Facebook as well, Zion looks beautiful – can’t imagine what it is like in the real…Enjoy the rest of your week with Holly and in a week you are on spring break!! Yeehaw!

    L – N

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