Spring Forward Socks

Well, these socks seemed appropriate to knit at the time. Today I am back in Salt Lake City, after a wonderful spring break in Orlando, FL and Fairbanks, AK. And it is DUMPING DOWN SNOW. Apparently it was beautiful the entire time I was gone. And I come back..rain last night, snow today. Oh well. Maybe (hopefully) it’ll be the last snow.

Anyways. I finished these socks a week ago, on the plane from Seattle to Fairbanks. I wore them the next day, and it was pretty wonderful. First time I’ve ever actually worn socks that I knit!


dscn0654Pattern: Spring Forward

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino

Colorway: Winterberry (I think)

Ravelry Link

I really loved knitting these. The pattern goes quickly, had I had more time I would’ve knit them much faster than I did! I did three repeats on the leg and on the foot. And still have loads of yarn leftover. The yarn is really soft and I looove the colors.

If you click this cute family picture you can see the rest of my pictures from Florida:)


2 responses to “Spring Forward Socks

  1. AWESOME! Those look really good – is that with the yarn from Eugene? Congrats on the socks and glad you are keeping them for yourself…..

    L – N

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