Finally a post with some real content.

Taking a knitting break so here are pictures of my WIPs and one new yarn I just got in the mail today..


My 2nd Swallowtail. Remember the first one? I’m making this one bigger, so hopefully I can wear it as an actual shawl. And I’m living on the wild side and haven’t inserted any lifelines yet..This hasn’t been worked on in a few days as I’ve been trying to focus on my other WIP (which also hasn’t been getting much attention..)

dscn0680My 4th bounce hat. This one is being knit for a friend, she asked for it, picked out the yarn and I oblidged. I’m trudging through it, because I told myself I wouldn’t knit on my Swallowtail until I finish the hat.

Last but not least…

dscn0675Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solids. Purple (Obviously!) It is not nearly as blue as it looks..These are for a gift. I’m sure you’ll see once the recipient recieves them. Back to knitting…


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