Peanut Butter Chocolate Marbled Brownies


Recipe Here

I think that the chocolate chips are really what make this recipe. They make the brownie part all gooey and delicious. Next time maybe a little bit more peanut butter..Although the subtle PB flavor is nice. And for once my marbling actually turned out pretty! The last time I tried to make something marbled (it was like a pumpkin chocolate cheesecake or something) it turned out really ugly.



In knitting news I haven’t been knitting too much since I finished my swallowtail. I have a present I need to get started on, as I have three weeks to complete it. I’m leaving Utah in just under two weeks and I’m trying to wrap up some things before I head off..Hopefully completing the sale of my car today, and I have a photo project due on Thursday, and two tests next week. And then I am outta here! Now I think I’m going to go ingore the beautiful day that is outside of my window and go spend some time in the computer lab on photoshop..I need to get on this photo project!


2 responses to “Peanut Butter Chocolate Marbled Brownies

  1. Those look excellent! Of course, everything you post on her looks excellent; – ) Hope the sell of your car goes well and wrapping things up at school….Your 3 weeks will be up before you know it!

    L – N

  2. we need to spend a lot of time baking this summer….and then go bike somewhere, haha.

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