Cutest. Cupcakes. Ever.

dscn0715Admittedly, I stole the idea from Bakerella.

I also used this recipe. I used butter instead of margarine and I added coconut flavoring to the cupcakes too. I did two sticks of butter, about a cup and a half of powdered sugar and maybe a teaspoon of coconut flavoring for the frosting.

dscn0711Justin made palm trees out of straws. (A LOT of meticulous cutting.)

dscn0712Fruit rollups made the beach towels/floaty things. Teddy Grahams were our characters. I actually bought tiny ones so they were sorta hard to put swimsuits on!

dscn07141 Shark fin is a stick of gum. The inner tube is a gummy life saver!

dscn0716Justin’s handiwork.

dscn0718Meg’s handiwork..A volley ball court!!

dscn0721A seamonster..again curteousy of Justin.

dscn0722Suzi made a kick ass surfboard.

Raise your hand if you said, “Awwwwwwww!!!!!”


2 responses to “Cutest. Cupcakes. Ever.

  1. Those are impressive and fun to make I’m sure….Loved the cat video on the last entry – I think Miles would appreciate a game like that!

    L – N

  2. I raised my hand. I’m thinking you and Justin could go into business together! Very cute and so creative! love, Mom

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