I want to be posting more.

And since I haven’t been baking or knitting much lately..I’ll talk about Weight Watchers and exercising:)

I’ve been really struggling with maintaining since I’ve been home. It is significantly harder than losing weight so far. I dunno if its just the transition between being at school in such a controlled environment, to being at home in an environment where there are foods I wouldn’t keep around at school. So I suppose I really need to work on my self control. Which is something I have been working on! Its always a struggle..but I’m getting there. At the moment I’m working 11 hour days Mon-Fri..so working out is equally hard. However, last week I ran for about ten minutes three nights. And on Saturday night I did the Midnight Sun Run.

For the first time ever, I did more than just walk it. And I finished in an hour and eighteen minutes!! I was so proud of myself. Speaking of which..I should go take my house sitting dog on a walk..I think she would like it and I need to get in at least a little bit of exercise today.


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