Okay, maybe “back” wasn’t the right word.

….SO obviously I haven’t gotten back into the blogging habit. Crap. I still am not knitting as much as I want to, and baking rarely. I did however, FINALLY finish my mom’s Birthday/Mother’s day socks. They were only gifted like..18 days after her birthday and like 4 months after Mother’s Day. Thank god for patience on her part! With that, I never took a FO picture of them together. Only a crappy cell phone photo to send to Twitter and Facebook.

Blech. Crappy Pic. And you can kinda see my hairy legs. I haven’t shaved since the BF was visiting over a month ago=/

PS: Knitty pattern HERE and Rav link HERE.

Anyways, Mom liked them so all is well. Now I am rushing to finish a Lace Ribbon Scarf so I can knit myself some mittens! Winter has started to show here in Fairbanks, it was 26F when I left for work this morning at 650AM. It hasn’t really snowed yet, some fell but it didn’t stick on the ground at all. Just a good excuse to start wearing handknit scarves:) Anyway..It looks like its time for me to run off to class. I’ve got a baking/knitting spree planned this weekend..And I blame part of my blogging abscence on moving into an apartment at the beginning of this month that lacked internet. However, the internet got installed almost a week ago..so no excuses now:)


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