I finished something.

I finished a few things, actually! And I think my knitting mojo has finally returned. For realsies. I have my last, nagging, “if I buy yarn will you knit this?” project off my back. And I can get back to knitting things I want to! So here goes. A short FO post, as the one FO I lack pictures of.  And I guess since it is a set of a few items it isn’t entirely finished yet but hey, half of it is done. Anyways.

Voila. Lace Ribbon Scarf Numero Dos is done!! I knit this for a friend of mine, just as with my other lace ribbon scarf and I have to admit, I got very. very. very tired of knitting this. Once the pattern is memorized it goes by fast, but it just got very tedious for me to knit, especially since I don’t like that shade of red particularly and I think this scarf is nicer in something more drapey like alpaca, rather than merino wool. oh well. Here’s the stats.

Lace Ribbon Scarf from Knitty Spring ’08

Knit on Straight US3s

in Louet Gems Fingering weight. I don’t remember the colorway name or number.

And it took me like six months to make:)


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