Ahhh FOs:)

Finished Objects! What a great feeling.



First off, a set of two bibs, two washcloths. For my boyfriends soon to be nephew, due in December! Very super easy, and fit PERFECTLY in my purse! I knit them on US7s with Sugar n’ Cream cotton. I have like 1/4 of a skein left of each. Ravelry link here

Although I listed the pattern as the Bib O Love from Mason Dixon Knitting, I don’t actually have that book so I did this:

CO 30 sts. Knit in garter for 60 rows. Six sts on each side for the straps CO in between. Straps are like..5ish inches long?

I used elephants for the buttons, on suggestion of the BF..For Big Al, University of Alabama’s mascot, DUH!


Next up is my first finished Embossed Leaves Sock! I finished it on Sunday. I did the toe the pattern called for, and so far I don’t like it too much. Its kind of like a modified star toe, which I have never tried before and I can feel it under my toes. The ladies at my knit group say that once they get washed I will be able to feel it less…Anyways, heres a picture!

DSCN1165These are being knit on US2s in Hazelknits Artisan Sock in “Evergreen” I cast the second sock on tonight! Here is a Ravelry Link

And just to totally overload this post with photos..here is a beautiful project bag a friend of my mom’s made for me, simply because I taught her how to use her iPod:) It is the perfect size, and it is beautifully made! I am so grateful!

This weekend I am headed to Phoenix, AZ to visit my sister who is going to ASU. I’m hoping to make it to a yarn store while I’m down there!! We’ll see how much knitting I get done..Its supposed to be 101F on Saturday!! While I sit at the football stadium:( Boooo on that!! Oh well..It looks like my knitting mojo has returned since I started going to a knitting group. I never thought I’d get up the guts to do that, but I did and now I look forward to it every week. If Anyone who reads my blog is in phoenix or knows of a good LYS in the Phoenix area..Let me know! I’m gonna use www.knitmap.com to find one, but personal recommendations are always awesome too!


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