Knitting in the desert

I am in Tempe, AZ right now visiting my sister Kelsey, who is attending Arizona State University for her freshman year of college. It was 101F yesterday. I was not looking forward to it at all. But all the Air Conditioned buildings did not kill my knitting mojo like I figured they would:) The night before I left I cast on an Odessa hat. (Rav Link) I had bought some Knit Picks Swish DK a while ago and had pondered what to do with it..And I knew I wanted to make an Odessa Hat. and I wanted to knit with all made sense. Off to Michael’s I went to buy some size 6 glass beads! I strung 150 beads onto the yarn..DSCN1174I don’t think it took forever persay, but it took some time. And I thought that knitting with the beads on when they weren’t in use it was slightly irritating. However, I feel like the end result is totally worth it!!

DSCN1177Pretty awesome, huh? It would be finished..but I neglected to locate a set of size 6 DPNs before I left. And trying to magic loop on a like 16 inch circ? Not happening. It went badly. Really, really badly. The stitches were so tight I had to tink them onto a size 2 circ. Once I get the right size DPNs, I’ll put it back onto them and finish up the decrease! Yesterday the family refused to take me to a yarn store so I have to wait until the two LYS’ I want to check out are open, on Tuesday. I’m definitely gonna be heading to Tempe Yarn and Fiber, and I’d also like to see the Fiber Factory, which is in Mesa. So since then I’ve been knitting on my second Embossed Leaves Sock! I cast it on last week at my knitting group on Wednesday, and it got a lotta love last night at the ASU v UW football game. I don’t understand football just yet (The Bama loving BF is gonna teach me one of these days) but apparently it was a very intense football game. All I know is in the last 10 seconds ASU scored a touchdown after a 50 yd pass and I missed it cause I was looking down at my knitting, haha. My family was horrified I brought knitting to the football game. But hey, I got all the way to the heel flap, which was knitted today and the heel was turned!!! So I am pleased with that progress.

DSCN1187Now I’m being bugged to get off the computer and get in the hotel pool..which I should head off and do. I’ll be back in Fairbanks on Wednesday..and I will hopefully have LYS reviews! Happy knitting everyone!


One response to “Knitting in the desert

  1. I love the knitting/football picture! Sounds like a fun time there – I am looking forward to tweets about the Black Eye Peas/U2 concert; – )

    L – N

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