Okay, So I ended up going to Tempe Yarn and Fiber on Tuesday. Awesome, awesome store. It is big and roomy, lots of yarn, a nice little fiber section in the back, and a ball winder just out in the store for use! My mom made friends with the lady who was working (I assume she owns it?) And she was super friendly. My mom just had to share a picture of me knitting at the football game..Anyways, I didn’t take any pictures, but it is a really great shop and if you are in the area I definitely recommend checking it out. I FINALLY finished my Odessa hat on the flight home, but I don’t have any pictures. It doesn’t fit too well, very tight and a little shorter than I like hats – it will probably get gifted to my cousin Catherine, and I’ll make a bigger one for myself. I finished my pair of Embossed Leaves Socks. Also don’t have FO photos of that yet either. The only thing I do have pictures of is a shawl I cast on yesterday, and am planning to rip out! On Ravelry I’m part of a New Lace Knitters group, and there was a voting thread for their November KAL. I was looking at all the lace projects people were suggesting, and the Woodland Shawl was one of them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shawl. It is beautiful. I wanted to make it a bit skinnier, so it was more of a scarf than a shawl/stole. So yesterday I cast on 64 stitches (12 sts pattern repeat + 2 sts garter border on either side) and went at it. The problem is, I was using this Paca Peds sock yarn that I bought last summer on Whidbey Island. It is really beautiful and soft, but I’m nervous to use it for socks because Alpaca can be a little itchy and I’m iffy about machine washing it. So I thought maybe I’d use it for a shawl. Well, its green and purple variegated and I wasn’t too sure about using that for a shawl. But I tried anyways..And loathed the result.

DSCN1262Love the yarn, love the pattern..just not together. No pattern definition at all:( Oh well, I’m sure I’ll find something for this yarn eventually. Here is a the picture my mom took of me knitting at the football game..I missed the last, game winning, 50 yard pass to a touchdown in the last 5 seconds of the game. Because I was looking at my knitting!

At least I was wearing school colors!

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  1. Love the pics and the more frequent blog entries! Thanks – N

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