I love blocking.

Because things that look like this..

DSCN1281into this:)

DSCN1282Okay..so it was still pinned out on the floor at this point..but it still looks like that now that it is dry! I have only posted about this project once before, nearly three months ago when I had just finished it! I admit, it would have come about much quicker had I knit on it more often. By the end it had gotten huge and bulky, and just one row took me like half an hour. But on the plane ride from Seattle to Fairbanks, I had no other knitting to work on..So this got some serious attention and I got the motivation to finish! And on Saturday night I began casting off..and the cast off itself took over two hours..I didn’t finish on Saturday night! Oh well. It dried last night and I pulled out all the pins this morning..For those of you who are unaware, this is a Hemlock Ring Blanket, made famous by the amazing Jared Flood over at Brooklyn Tweed. I knit it to one increase round past where the “original” pattern stops. I would have liked for it to be a bit bigger, but I was tired of knitting it and ready for it to be done. Next time perhaps heavier yarn to make it larger..Anyways. Stats. I knit it on a huge US9 circ with Merino Sheepskin Co “Woolpak 10 Ply” I used 1.5ish skeins I think. When I wound it into cakes I had to split up the skeins into more than one cake and I did not do it evenly. I also finished these bad boys tonight..

DSCN1291And I cast them on last night! Crazy, huh? They were SUCH a quick knit. I used a pattern that Caitlin has used multiple times, and loved it! It is called Tweedy Mittens, and I used the 100% Wool Worsted Weight hand dyed yarn from Rabbit Ridge Designs. The colorway is called Sitka Rose, and I looove it! I wanted some mittens for in my car, and I bought this yarn in Anchorage at the Far North Yarn Company when I went down to see the Lion King, over a month ago. I love this colorway, and the pattern turned out wonderfully and knit up so, so quickly. I am very pleased with the results!


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