Here are some things I need to remember about knitting

  • Just because the yarn is sitting around un-used doesn’t mean it will be like that forever.
  • Simply because there are 24 hours in a day doesn’t mean I need to be knitting every single minute.
  • If your elbow, wrists or hands hurt, take a break. See above.
  • If you haven’t knit a pattern yet, you will still have the opportunity to do so eventually.


I’m having cast-on-itis. I want to cast on EVERYTHING, but in the process nothing gets finished. I’ve been chugging through my second Kai-Mei sock (Ravelry link), trying to finish before I leave for Alabama (tonight!) so I can have a fresh pair of socks for the plane. Unless I spend today knitting (which won’t happen. I haven’t packed.) it is likely that they will be finished on the plane. I also have been cranking out my sweater. I reached the part where you make the V and start knitting flat on Friday or Saturday. Now I’ve just got a little bit farther to go before I start the sleeves! I also have an Ishbel on  needles, but cannot decide if I like the yarn enough to go through with it. I’ve only gotten a little bit into the stockinette section, and it has been sitting untouched for a few days. I do really want to knit one, but I am having issues with my yarn choice. I’d also like to knit a Woodland Shawl. And something in Entrelac. And my new favorite pasttime is obsessing over the Snow White sweater, which I want to knit REALLY badly. And I think I have enough Silk Garden and Malabrigo scraps to make a couple Quants.


Oh well. I ust need to finish something soon and maybe that’ll get rid of my issues!!! I’ll leave you with a picture of my sweater. I need to get off the computer and start my day..My flight leaves in 12 hours and I haven’t even packed yet!



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