It’s been over a week

And I definitely got some knitting done while I was visiting the boyfriend:) We also did a lot of other stuff and had so much fun, but I’ll focus mostly on the knitting here.


I had hoped to finish my Kai Mei socks on the way there, but alas..Close but no cigar. But they did get completed while I was sitting in the SeaTac airport early on the morning of the 11th!  I LOVE these socks. They are so visually appealing. I put a photo on Facebook and someone commented that they didn’t know stitches could do that. Well, they do what I tell them to.

Look at that! The way they curve towards each other..and the thing is, it is so simple to get it to work like that.

The paw getting in on the action in this photo is my boyfriend’s kitty, Alpa Chino. She loves me. The lace pattern in these socks is also much less complex than it looks, which I loved. The pattern repeat is easy to memorize as well. I can’t say enough good abut these socks. Here are some stats.

Kai Mei socks by Cookie A. (Sock Innovation)

US2 Circs, Magic looped

Plymouth Happy Feet, colorway 26

Here is a Ravelry Link

At the very beginning of my journey (which is a long one..It takes FOREVER to Travel from Fairbanks, AK to Birmingham, AL.) I cast on a scarf. A while back a friend of my mom’s had given me some yarn as part of a thank you gift. Two skeins of Southwest Trading Company Karaoke in a beautiful colorway of veriageted blues, 302. I wasn’t sure what to do with it, but I knew it was awesomely soft. And hadn’t even looked at the label to notice that it was a soy silk/wool blend. It is awesome, awesome yarn. So I cast on a scarf! It was cast on late the night of the 10th, and I’m pretty sure I finished it on Friday the 13th. It flew by! It is somewhat shorter than I’d like it to be, but two skeins is really sufficient for this scarf. I might block it out to give it a bit of length.

Drop Stitch Scarf

SWTC Karaoke, Colorway 302 2 50g skeins


Ravelry Link

There’s some FOs for yah..I’ll get at everybody with some WIPs later!

PS: If you are interested in some none is the album of photos from my trip! Click the adorable picture of me and the boyfriend below and you will end up there..Aren’t we cute? This was at the Bama vs Mississippi State game last Saturday!


4 responses to “It’s been over a week

  1. Love the socks – your knitting always impresses me!

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