Okay, seriously.

I have been unemployed for like two months (although I do have a job lined up!!! More on that later!) and I STILL haven’t been finding time to blog. Or the inspiration? I dunno. Anyways. I’m about to unload some FOs on here. And maybe some WIPs too. Where to begin..It has been almost a month since I have blogged even. Goodness.

First up…my Grove Mittens. From the book Made In Brooklyn by Jared Flood, Aka Brooklyn Tweed. I looooove these mittens. I cannot wait to knit some for myself..These are a christmas gift:) Not saying for who though! Not even sure if the person reads my blog (probably not) but I am not saying anything!!

Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted. Colorway “holly hock” 1 skein

Needles: US6 dpns

Mods: extra repeat for length, extra rounds in thumb too. I also did m1 instead of yo, and then didnt knit into the back of it when I came across them. I also left out a bunch of garter sts. However, it wasn’t an intentional mod..thats what I get for not reading the pattern very closely!!

Ravelry Link

These are my wonderful second pair of monkeys🙂 Love this pattern. Easy peasey lemon squeezey. I started this while I was in Alabama. Didn’t finish them until last week. I had other things to knit, okay?

Yarn: Indie Dyer. something fingering that comes in 50g skeins. No colorway listed. I bought it forever ago!

Needles: US2 circs. Magic loop is love.

Ravelry Link

This is a Quant. Knit for my roomie, who was feeling the lack of Mallory Knits. Plus, I knew it was something she’d like, and wear.

I knit it with scraps from my Noro Striped Scarf. And I used nearly every bit of that yarn!

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden. Forget which colorway

Needles: US7. 8s for the i-cord, I don’t own any 7 dpns.

Mods: I only did two triangles, I thought three was two big. And it worked out for me, because I had enough yarn! I also fudged the end.

Damn. I feel like I have done way more knitting than just that. I also knit a pair of fingerless mitts, very boring and I don’t feel like posting them here. I did quite a bit of chugging along on my sweater, I have one sleeve nearly done! I really only work on it at knit night these days, I don’t seem to be knitting on it by myself. I also knit a pair of French Press Slippers, but they haven’t been felted yet so no pictures! I have an Ishbel on the needles too, but it is not interesting enough to deserve a picture just yet. So yeah. That is pretty much what has been up in my life, lots of knitting, working out, and watching LOADS of tv.

As I said previously, I have been unemployed for a while. However, I was out of town for two weeks of it, and in between those two weeks (they were two separate weeks) I did a small amount of working and some babysitting. I did do a bit of job searching, got very discouraged. However, finally after only like four tries, I got an interview at the Hospital’s childcare center. I interviewed, two days later they called and offered me a job!!! I am very, VERY excited about it, but I don’t start until January 4th because that is when the next orientation is. However, that is perfectly fine with me! Gives me time to relax and enjoy the holidays!

I hope everyone’s Christmas and Holiday Season is going well:)


4 responses to “Okay, seriously.

  1. is the quant wider at one end? it looks like it, but it might just be the picture.

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