Oh, Ishbel.

Oh, hi Ishbel. Yes..you are a pretty, sparkly, pink thing. Seriously bringing out the little girl in me. This is a pretty damn quick knit. I cast on on the 15th, and cast off last night! Got it washed and blocked pretty quickly, wore it into town today.

as you can see, it is kind of enormous. Definitely the biggest shawl I’ve knit. This is a terrible representation of the color. It feels much thicker and heavier than my other two shawls (both swallowtails, knit in laceweight.) but it will definitely be warm.

Okay..So heres the stats!

Ishbel by Ysolda Teague

Yarn: Dream In Color Starry, Punky Fuschia. One skein. 25g leftover.

Needles: Us6.

Mods: I did large stockinette. small lace. Increased to 221 sts, then did ABACD.

I am in love. I will probably knit this again in laceweight. I am currently letting a pair of French Press Felted slippers dry..I knit them for the second time (the first time was bad. I’ll talk about it later) and it went much smoother! Pictures..tomorrow perhaps? I’m trying to hop back on the blogging train, I promise.


2 responses to “Oh, Ishbel.

  1. WOW – I’m always impressed with your work! Way to go girl – Can’t wait to see the true colors in the real…..

    Well done!!

    L – N

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