2009, 2010.

I am trying to remember if I wrote any resolutions last year. Oh, I did.

Let’s see how I did.

  • Made goal weight, and have kept it off pretty well so far!
  • Quit the picture thing after like two weeks. Whoops.
  • Stopped journaling probably before January was even over.
  • Knit probably five pairs of socks? Not one a month..
  • Embraced where I’m at in life? UUhhh..

Hmm..Oh well. 2009 was an interesting year for me. The first half was spent in Utah. Although now I often talk about how much I loved and miss Utah, I spent a lot of my time there very lonely. Then, I shocked (and TERRIFIED) my family and went to visit an online friend right before I came home. Then I came home with that online friend as my (long-distance) boyfriend:) Our relationship is still going strong, 8 months later. I also came home to two months of 11 hour, two job days. It was stressful and tiring, but I made a lot of money doing it. Then I worked just one job for another three months, and then I spent two months jobless. Now, just a week before the new year, I started a new job. A “grown up job” with PTO and benefits. For the first time since I was 5, its looking like I won’t be in school at all this coming semester. That will be a little strange.

It is really blowing my mind a little bit that it is a new year already. Oh well. Just another year, I suppose. I have some hopefully big changes coming this year though! Here’s some resolutions for this year:

  • Continue to keep the weight off:)
  • Get into a good, regular workout routine.
  • Cook more, try to cut out all the processed crap and cut out the SUGAR.
  • Decide on a degree. Or something.
  • Knit, knit knit. (I have my own list of knitting resolutions, hah!)

Thats kind of it. Lets see if I can come up with a list of knitting FOs from 2009. Hopefully this will be impressive:)

  1. 2 Lace Ribbon Scarves (Red One Green One)
  2. Three Bounce Hats (Whales Road, Emerald Blue, Black Qina)
  3. Two pairs of Monkey Socks (First, Second)
  4. A pair of Spring Forward Socks (These felted in the washing machine:( I lost the label and thought they were superwash – guess not.)
  5. A pair of Embossed Leaves Socks (Never blogged a full FO picture. This post has one finished sock!)
  6. Noro Striped Scarf
  7. Two Swallowtail Shawls (Smaller, Bigger)
  8. 1 Ishbel Shawl
  9. Two baby bibs, two baby washcloths
  10. 1 ridiculous acrylic cat. (didn’t blog this)
  11. Kai Mei Socks (my favorites!!)
  12. Drop Stitch Scarf
  13. two pairs of easy fingerless mitts. (neither were blogged)
  14. One pair of Grove mittens
  15. One pair of regular easy mittens
  16. Odessa Hat
  17. Hemlock Ring
  18. One Quant Headband
  19. French Press slippers (need to photograph and blog these.)
  20. Celtic Cabled Neckwarmer
  21. Mom’s RPM Socks

Wow! What a list. Okay, I might add links to those later..right now my family is about to go do fireworks without me!! I hope everyone has a healthy, happy, fulfilling new year!


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