Does it count as organizing if its on the internet?

One of my knitting New Year’s resolutions was to photograph and add all of my stash onto raverly. Today I did it! For ravelers, here is a link. Non-ravelers can go check out my Yarn photoset on flickr. Here’s a picture of my pile – not included is the huge bag of odds and ends of yarn, some big enough to get a project out of..others not so much. This also doesn’t include a bunch of random acrylics and novelty yarn that I keep but probably won’t ever use.

Looks like a lot, huh? According to Ravelry, I have 32 different yarns, which as I said, doesn’t include yarns that are currently in use for projects, or my odds and ends, or my small collection of acrylics and novelty yarns that I keep around for no real reason. It seems like a lot to me, but in comparison to other knitters out there, I have a relatively small stash. And quite a bit of that yarn has projects in mind for it. I keep my yarn in two plastic totes that slide under my bed. One that gets kept under my bed has a big bag of fiberfill (for stuffing toys and such), and all the yarn I don’t really ever plan on using. The other one, is a pink glittery Hannah Montana tote (My mom bought it for me, noticing the pink glitter, not the hannah montana..although I am now a Hannah Montana fan!!) has the yarn I plan on using someday. And then I have my chair and bag of yarn bits and pieces, seen here.

In the chair – a ziplock bag of needles. I need to sort through this and add them on Ravelry as well, and put them into the really nice needle case the BF bought me for christmas. And then under my shelves is all my bits and pieces. I’m a slob sometimes.

Other than that things have been pretty normal around here. Knitting, sleeping, working. Loving the new job!:) Sad that it takes away from knitting time though. But its good to be fitting it into normal life. My life for the last two years has been so knitting focused because I did nothing other than knit. I went to class, but I didn’t do my homework (I was knitting instead.) and I didn’t have a job. So now I am learning what its like to balance work and knitting. It is good. Once I get this balanced figured out, I bet I’ll have to learn how to balance the boyfriend and knitting. We are going to try and be together (in the same city. We’ve been together as a couple for 8 months, and spent all of them apart:( We have only actually been together for about three weeks total.) by this fall, whether it be in Alabama (Me going to school down there. Def not permanently!) or up here. He’s pretty good about it though. I got a bit of knitting done while I was down there in November, so I’m sure it’ll be fine. As long as I support his football team, he’ll support my knitting. We wub (love) each other. It’s pretty disgusting. Oh well. I’m feeling the baking itch today. And I’m pretty close to finishing up a project..So I think I am gonna go do that:)


One response to “Does it count as organizing if its on the internet?

  1. That is quite the stash….Sounds like things are going great for you right now, I’m glad! Talk to you soon about a date this coming weekend.

    L – N

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