10 in 2010

There is a group on Ravelry called “10 in 2010,” dedicated to people who make a list of 10 (I think you can do up to 20?) projects to complete in 2010. Obviously, you are not limited to ONLY these projects, but if you’ve had patterns in your queue for a while and want to commit to finishing them or whatever, you can do that. Anyways, I made a rough list and posted it there, I figured I would share here. Some of the yarn I have, some of it I have decided what yarn and just need to acquire, etc. I have added those notes!

  1. Clapotis – smaller, probably sock yarn version. Although I would like to do a full size worsted weight one as well.
  2. Snow White – I am attracted to well fitting sweaters. and pretty much everything Ysolda Teague designs. Not sure yarn for this one just yet.
  3. Thermis – Finished this last weekend, I need to blog it!
  4. Koolhaas – Malabrigo worsted, probably.
  5. This one is a secret – it is a gift for a blog reader of mine for a certain UP COMING ROMANTIC HOLIDAY. everybody on Ravelry got to hear what I am planning, but he doesn’t! muwhahahaha. I need to start soon!!
  6. Kalajoki – that link is not in english. However, there are pictures.
  7. Citron
  8. Pyroclastic
  9. Silk Smoke Ring – Gonna knit this out of the qiviut I got for christmas!:)
  10. Unoriginal Hat – Bought yarn for this a while ago.
  11. Leyburn Socks – Cast these on on Wednesday!

Hopefully I have time for more than 10 projects in 2010! I need to get cracking on the gift for a certain upcoming romantic holiday, and a couple baby things too – One of my old youth group leaders and his wife are having a baby, due the 28th of this month. I kind of want to procrastinate on knitting their baby gifts, as they haven’t found out the sex of the baby. So once he or she is born, it’ll be easier for me color wise! I need to go knit while I have time to do it! Happy weekend everyone!!


One response to “10 in 2010

  1. there is a crazy amount of exclamation marks in the post. also no procrastinating!

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