My Ravelympics plan.

So, each time there is an Olympics (I think they have done it twice so far?) on Ravelry the Ravelympics happen. Groups can form teams, and there are events. I’m not sure if anybody actually wins anything, but its a great way to challenge yourself with finishing UFOs (Unfinished Objects), trying new techniques, or trying to finish something in a certain time period. The official rules state that for something to qualify for the Ravelympics, you must not cast on before opening ceremony, and if its a UFO it has to have been untouched for at least a month. I didn’t participate last time, and I wasn’t planning on it until I came up with an idea. I’m going to have a HATSRAVAGANZA. I am going to see how many hats I can knit during the 2010 Winter Olympics (Feb 12 – Feb 28). I have at least 4 planned out right now. This kind of serves as a stashbusting exercise as well, I am using all stashed yarns. That being said..I did some stash enhancement today..and have some more coming in the mail. Oh well. I keep getting sucked in by sales. And this whole having an income thing is making me not feel as bad about buying yarn!!

Right now my Ravelympics hats are the following:

  • Unoriginal Hat – I have the yarn for 2 of these, but I’m only planning on one. Knitting it with Araucania Multi Bulky
  • KoolHaas – This is gonna be out of Malabrigo Worsted
  • Foliage – This one will be Rowan Cocoon. I might knit a Worsted version as well
  • Snowboarder Hat That Rocks! – This one might change.

As you can probably see, I updated the look of the blog a little bit..I’m going to maybe be doing something in a few weeks that will be giving me a bit of publicity (I think?) so I decided it was time to give a bit of an update. Anyways. I’m not gonna give details on what may be happening until it happens or does not happen. I’d really like for it to happen, I just have to find the time. I have three weeks to complete it so hopefully I can do it!


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