Ravelympics So far..

Not technically a Ravelympics project. Posting it anyways. Roll Brim Chunky hat for a Charity event next weekend.

Cascade 128, two colors. Looove that yarn!!

Needles 10.5

Pattern: My brain.


Yarn: Rowan Cocoon, colorway Kiwi. Love this yarn. Super soft. Kind of a bitch to frog/tink though.

Needle: 10.5 for hat, 8 for brim.

Mods: Added a half repeat for length. Might rip out cast-off and do it over, it is VERY tight. If you are going to knit this, I recommend doing a sewn bind off or something equally stretchy.

Finished this one 2/14/2010

Unorignal Hat!

Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool Chunky Colorway 216. Awesome yarn. Great colors!

Needles: US10.5

Mods: Added an extra chart repeat. Fudged around with decreases. Still pretty short – Barely covers the tops of my ears.

Finished this 2/17/2010

Umbilical Cord Hat from Stitch N’ Bitch. This had not been a planned Ravelympics project, however I had planned on making it before today! It was for a baby who’s baby shower occured this afternoon.

Needles: US8

Yarn: Cascade 220 Paints.

Mods: none.

Finished 2/17/2010

Matching baby mittens! This pattern came out of my brain, and a combination of other patterns. I ended up making around 3ft of i-cord to connect them:)

Needles: US8

Yarn: Same as above.

Finished 2/18/2010

The start of my KoolHaas!

Knitting it out of Malabrigo Worsted “Bobby Blue”

Enjoying it so far, although it feels like it is taking forever since I’ve knit a baby hat and three bulky hats recently!

I have this one to finish, and hopefully two more hats for the charity event next weekend. We’ll see where I get!!!


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