Help Haiti Charity Bazaar

So, tomorrow (Sunday) here in Fairbanks there is a bazaar happening, and all the proceeds benefit Haiti. When I was approached to knit a couple things, I wholeheartedly said yes! I just was unsure if I would have time..But I knew for sure I would be able to get some baking done. Well, I was able to get baking AND knitting done:) Somewhere in between work and my Ravelympics knitting I squeezed out THREE HATS! I was impressed with myself. Albiet they are three, very easy, chunky yarn hats. And today I baked cookies and some cheesecake cupcakes (which are basically mini cupcakes).

Here are the three hats I got done..

Heres some stats:

The first two are knit out of Cascade 220. Darker purple is colorway 8885, lighter is 8563. The third is knit out of Cascade 220, held double. Colorway 8267 (Picture is a terrible representation of the color. It is a beautiful dark evergreen). All three knit on US10.5s. Patterns from my brain.

Now onto the baking! I made cookies called Oatmeal Delights. I didn’t take pictures of them (they are not as pretty as they are delicious.) The recipe is from a book called Killer Crab Cakes. I did not read this book, my mom did. Anyways. These cookies are seriously mindblowing. You put pecans and coconut in the food process, and process it until its really finely chopped, and add it to cookies that already have oatmeal and white chocolate chips! They are SO GOOD!!!

And I also tried a new recipe. Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Cupcakes from Handle The Heat. I had never heard of this blog, or  tried anything like this! But, my friend Caitlin showed me the recipe after she made them and she loved them. So I wanted try. They are basically little cheesecakes with oreos cut up inside them, and I put the whole oreos on the bottom too. I only tried a bit, but WOW, they are delicious.

Not super appealing…

The inside of this one kind of looks like an angry face. Yeah, yeah..I could’ve cut up a better one..but I didn’t want to give my brother an excuse to eat ANOTHER one. They are SO TASTY. I was really impressed.

Here’s the info on the Bazaar for anyone in Fairbanks who wants to attend!

It is happening tomorrow (2/28) between 12:30-4:30pm at the Woodcenter at UAF.

Here is the Facebook Event

And Here is a link to the group’s page.

If you can, please stop by and see what other great things they’re going to have for sale there. And if you’re visiting my blog because you’ve seen my stuff at the bazaar…Hi!:)


2 responses to “Help Haiti Charity Bazaar

  1. Hey there….

    Thanks for the info. on the bazaar – I’m going to see about getting there! Those cheesecake mini’s look awesome!

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