Its done:) And I LOVE IT! Last weekend after the Ravelympics concluded (which was really Saturday more than Sunday for me) I decided it was time to get crackin’ on my sweater and finally finish it. By Tuesday night, I had three inches of hood left to knit. I ended up not knitting those entire three inches, because I was at the end of a repeat of the cable pattern, and I didn’t want to do another whole one. So I started grafting the hood together:) I did not do a pretty job grafting the hood together. But I LOVED the lack of seaming. And then I tried it fits perfectly, and after I washed/blocked it it fit even better. Washing/blocking it really relaxed it and just made it a little bit more comfortable, especially in the tummy area.

It looks all wonky and huge when its not on me..

But on me, it looks fan-freaking-tastic. Not to be vain or anything, haha! It fits awesomely, the vneck hits just where I wanted it to (just below the bust for a deep v), the color is awesome on me…and well, I look great! Even though I’ve now kept my weight off for over a year (!!) I still have moments where I look in the mirror and think, “Hot damn! You are skinny!”

See? Ugh. Awesome.

The hood looks pretty silly. But I won’t be wearing it much, its mostly for style.

Here are the stats:

Pattern: Corona
Yarn: Dream In Color Classy “Happy Forest” 4 skeins, less than 1/2 of the 4th is leftover.
Needles: US8 all the way!
Mods: A little more length in the waist, and adjusted ribbing lengths in the waist as well. I wanted it to hit me in a different spot, and less ribbing.

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2 responses to “MY FIRST SWEATER!

  1. Sweater looks great and you look great in it – Well done!

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