Mittens for Kiddos.

I was asked to (and given yarn for) knit mittens for a good family friend’s kids. Her kiddos are 5 and 8. She’s more of an aunt, really. So her kids could counts as my cousins. Not that I need anymore, I have 9 blood related ones. But two more don’t hurt:) ANYWAYS!

First off are mittens for her 5 year old, Makenna. She picked out this awesome Pink Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Aran. It is AWESOME yarn. Knits up super soft, and I like the color!

I used this pattern. I thought the lengths seemed really extreme for a 5 year old..And then I managed to make my mittens two different the body and in the thumb:(

I was super worried they wouldn’t fit..And the bigger one fits perfectly. But the small one fits too, I blocked it out a little so we’ll see how it fits when she tries them on again.

Here are the second pair, which I just finished a little while ago.  Red mittens knit out of Lamb’s Pride Worsted for Creighton, the 8 year old. This time around I followed the pattern length requirements and they fit him perfectly..However, once again, I managed to not make a matching pair. This time was the thumbs. I felt like they were going to be the same, but then they ended up being different anyways.

I really like how tight of a gauge this pattern is knitted at, because then the mittens will be very warm and toasty.


Basic Cuff Up Mittens

Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Aran colorway 360021 one skein, and Lamb’s Pride Worsted Colorway Cranberry Swirl, one skein. (I had a lot left over of the lamb’s pride, and not a lot of the debbie bliss.)

Knit on US4 for cuff and US6 for body.

No mods.

Ravelry Links: Pink Mittens Red Mittens


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