FO: Fastest Socks EVER!

I really don’t think I’ve knit a pair of socks this fast since I started knitting socks. I cast them on a week ago today, in the afternoon, and kitchenered the toe of the second sock this afternoon. Granted, they are just a bit shorter than I like socks (my own fault entirely) but other than that, they fit perfectly. And the yarn is AMAZING.

I finished the first sock on Saturday? Sunday? Started the second sock that same day, and turned the heel the next.

Pattern: Marigold Socks
Yarn: Madeline Tosh “Toshsock” Colorway “Holly Hock”
Needles: US1 circs. I magic loop EVERYTHING.
Mods: I made them cuff down. Started off with 64 sts, did approx 1in of ribbing and then decreased 1sts at the end of the row to make 63 to fit with the pattern. Did 7 patt repeats, then eye of the partridge heel flap and heel turn. picked up the sts, did 31 sts on the top of the foot (3 patt repeats + 2 sts on either side) and decreased to 33 on the bottom, for a total of 64. Did another 8.5 repeats (I should’ve done stopped just before the purl row before the heel flap, but I didn’t realize that until long after I’d done it, but I did it on the toe!!)

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