a FO, a WIP and a neat picture.

Okay..A couple things to get out here:

First off. My Finished Object.

My Multnomah Shawl.
Knit out of Spunky Eclectic Super Nova. US4. I only have 9g of yarn leftover. I had planned to maybe do more feather and fan repeats, but that def was not possible!!

I freaking love this thing. Its a wonderful size, it is super soft and cozy, and I think it is quite stunning, personally.

Not sure what I was concerned about..Oh well!
Here is a Ravelry Link

So I finished that on Thursday. Last night I decided to cast on a pair of Snap Dragon Flip Tops
I originally started them on US6, as the pattern called for, but I felt like they seemed HUGE. I ripped out approx 20 rows and cast on again with US5. Liking this result much better, and completed the hand portion of the first mitten today. I was going to try and start the flip top bit, but I was tired and couldn’t figure it out/didn’t feel like it!

The yarn is Malabrigo Worsted in Holly Hock.

Last but not least, since I didn’t feel like starting a new project and had nothing to knit on, I decided it was finally time for something to be done as far as the bind off goes on my Foliage Hat. Just in case you were wondering, picking out a bind off (for the third time) in a super fuzzy yarn like Rowan Cocoon is a huge PAIN IN THE ASS. I’m super glad I did it though, I re-bound off with a sewn bind off and now it fits over my head without cutting off my circulation. Yay! And then I took this great picture showing what a sewn bind off looks like – I wish it looked like a normal bind off, but I’d rather have not as nice and stretchy, than super awesome and beautiful and not stretchy at all.

Thats all I have to say for tonight. I need to get some sleep.


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