My knitting has been kind of stalled lately.

Because well…

I’ve been quilting.

Yup. I got roped into making a full size quilt. I had wanted to make a quilt this summer, and now I’m making a full size quilt. That is all my fabric washed, ironed, and laid out in an almost rainbow. That was last weekend. By now, I have all my blocks made and I have to decide how to put them together. I’ve also been neglecting my knitting because I’m just not super inspired by my projects currently. I had problems with my Snapdragon Fliptops, then once I got it figured out, I started the second mitt and am now ready to knit the fliptop……and I can’t find the first (completed) one:( I haven’t looked super hard for it. I have the feeling it is either floating around the house somewhere, or at my LYS. I may have left it there Tuesday on knit night.

So today, I didn’t feel like quilting (I seriously cut and sewed yesterday for like 5 hours.) I decided to start a new project that I had been thinking about for a while. I’ve been in a semi-yarn diet, and trying to use up yarns that I’ve had in my stash for a while. This yarn I got almost two years ago, and I knew it wasn’t really destined to be socks (it is an alpaca superwash nylon blend, and the alpaca makes me nervous to make it socks..I refuse to handwash socks. I put them through the washing machine in a lingerie bag and lay them flat to dry.) but I had only really tried one thing out of it..So I decided to do another Drop Stitch Scarf.

So today I cast on 36 sts and got to work:)

I LOVE it so far! I’m knitting it on US3s with The Alpaca Yarn Co’s “Paca Peds” The colorway is called Deep Seas.

And thats about it lately. Here are some pictures of my cat. I love her.


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