FO: Snapdragon Flip Tops

Not the one I WANT to post about…but I can’t post about that one until Mother’s Day..teehee…Yes, I finished my Mother’s Day present WAY ahead of schedule this year..Go me…Considering last year it wasn’t even finished until after her birthday I felt like finishing this ahead of schedule was appropriate this year. Plus, she was out of town all last week so it gave me the chance to start and finish it without her seeing!

Anyways. I figured out where my completed SnapDragon Fliptop was. I had babysat my cousins probably two weeks ago now, and I left it there. My cousin (age 6) had called and left me a message about it, but I couldn’t understand what she said and everytime I would remember to call them back it was much too late! Finally contacted my aunt about it on Facebook and made it over there to get my mitten back! So today I finished the second one!! Cast off and wove in my ends at knit night, and then came home to sew on my buttons!!

Look at the cool fliptop ness. Observe my (apparently tiny) hands and my knobby knees knuckles. I think I have really strange, gangly fingers that don’t match my hands. Yes, weird thing to dislike about myself, I know.

And a whole mitten! They look different, but I swear to god they’re not THAT different. But sweet lord knows I am terrible at making matching pairs. And my buttons are pink and sparkly, they just look red.


Closeup of the back of the cuff. The little thing with the hole at the bottom is supposed to look like a snapdragon flower, I think.

Heres what they look like, when not on hands. These pictures are horrible representations of the color, the ones above are MUCH more accurate.



Snapdragon Fliptops by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted in “Holly Hock” 1 skein
Needles: US5 for the hand of the mitten, US6 for the fliptop.
Mods: I made the fliptop longer than called for, but that was pretty much it.
Ravelry Link


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