I love my mama:)

Here is what I made her for Mother’s Day. (I have been waiting almost a month to post this. I was a little ahead of schedule this year!)


A felted bag. The Ballband Bag. I modified the pattern a LOT, to make it bigger and ignored some parts of the pattern that I thought were silly. And I changed the straps.

I have had horrible experiences with felting, so I was a little nervous with this thing..But it turned out perfectly. I am seriously so, so pleased with how it turned out.

Before felting..

It was ridiculously massive.

But after felting..


Perfect size. It fits a normal 3 ring binder with room for more stuff:) I had hoped it would be the right size for my mom’s work stuff, her datebook and such. And that was the first thing she said she would use it for when I gave it to her this morning!!!

The colors are perfect, it is the perfect size and it felted beautifully. Here are some stats!

Pattern: Ballband Bag Recipe
Yarn: 2 skeins of Noro Kureyon Colorway 188. 1 skein of Lamb’s Pride Worsted Colorway Onyx. Used up every last bit of the Lamb’s Pride and all but >10 yds of the Noro.
Needles: US10
Modifications: Loads. Details are on the Ravelry project page (Which I have shared so it is visible to non ravelers!)

Happy Mother’s day to all the amazing mothers out there!


2 responses to “I love my mama:)

  1. Hey there!

    What an absolutely gorgeous bag! I’m so impressed with the knitting that you do: – )

    L – N

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