Still not very much knitting going on..I am having what I think is a knitting related pain. I knit an entire Skew Sock in a weekend, two weekends ago now, and ever since then I’ve been having massive elbow pain. My mom’s nurse coworkers think I might have a pinched nerve. Its either that, or carpal tunnel. I have not gone to see the doctor yet though, life has also been INSANE this past week. My boyfriend moved 3000 miles to be with me, and between him starting work (Alaska Summer Construction..6 10 hour days! As the summer progresses it may turn into 7 days a week and sometimes longer days) and me having a crazy week at work and not my normal days off..This week has been insane. But I’m hoping to make an appointment with the doctor next week, because I am REALLY tired of not knitting. I haven’t knit in like 4 days. I’m tired of it. Anyways. I got some beautiful yarn in the mail today:) I am beginning to LOVE the destash board on Ravelry. It is a great way to get beautiful yarn at pretty awesome prices. You gotta hit it at the right time though..I PM’d this ravelry within 20 minutes of her posting! I didn’t realize I was so quick haha.

I lusted after this colorway just after I started thinking about buying some Socks That Rock. I think I may turn it into a pair of No Purl Monkeys. I’m not sure though:)

I love every single color in this yarn. Even the gold, which is not typically my favorite. I suppose you could call it more of a burnt orange..But the other side of the skein is my favorite

My favorite colors..All its missing is pink. There is purple, blue, and green.

And last but not least, a gratuitous macro yarn shot.

Now I am off to spend my saturday doing apartment (although we are actually renting a house) related shopping. The only places we have to sit is two folding chairs and our bed:( We should be getting a couch hopefully tomorrow (my dad has to finish fixing it!) and so the aim today is a table and chairs. And we get the internet installed on Wednesday…..


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