It hasn’t been a month since I posted..

But I only post FOs. So I guess that means its been a month since I finished something. Not really. Sort of. Anyways.

For mother’s day I knit my mom a Felted Ballband Bag. She LOVED it. So does everyone else:) I may make a round of these for Christmas gifts. But I also wanted to make one for myself. It felted down much faster than my mom’s, and is quite a bit smaller, so I modified the straps and made it a purse instead of a tote bag.

Here it is pre-felting, with what I had planned on for straps. I was going to put decorative buttons on them, thus the button holes, and I ran out of Lamb’s Pride so I just used a bit of grey Patons (Maybe? it didnt have a label with it) laying around. I think I knit tighter this time around, because I only did one less row of rectangles but the unfelted product was a good 3″ shorter than the one I made for my mom.

Then I felted it, the bag was much smaller, I couldn’t stand the straps and didn’t want two straps on a purse, and I didn’t like how the one was two I cut one in half, used that as a closure for the purse and then sewed a strap out of fabric scraps stolen from my mom..and I LOVE IT.



Ahh, How I Met Your Mother. The boyfriend and I are currently OBSESSED. Here are the bag’s stats!

Pattern: Ballband Bag Recipe
Yarn: One skein of Lamb’s Pride Worsted (colorway Silver Grey M-176) and two skeins of Noro Kureyon (Colorway 240)
Needles: US10
Mods: Same as my first one, but with a bit different straps. The straps were 10 sts garter stitch. Boring as hell to knit, and I ended up scrapping them anyways. I may do sewn fabric straps from here on out, I liked that way better!!!

Here is another FO:) Last one of today’s blog post.

My Sparkly Haruni:) God I love this shawl. It was awesome to knit (other than purling across 500+ stitches!) It only took me a little more than two weeks, I think. And it used up just about all of my skein, which is always what I’m shooting for!!! It is HUGE. 21″ down the center stitch.


Pattern: Haruni (Rav Link)
Yarn: Dream In Color Starry, colorway Cool Fire one skein
Needles: US4
Mods: None. I did the I-cord bind off instead of the crochet.




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