Do I seriously only finish things once a month?

That makes me kind of sad. I need to do some instant gratification projects! But I’ve got a couple planned. So no worries:) Anyways I finally finished something. And it took me just about a month to finish! It is the Vixen Camisole, from a book called Sensual Knits.

It was not a SUPER boring knit, but boy did the lace pattern get boring after 21 inches. Okay, I only did 20.5. But regardless. It is way more than long enough.

Don’t ask about my face. I don’t have an answer for you.

I have since fixed that strap that is way too big. I may re-do the straps once more though, they pull on the knit part pretty bad.

I KAL’d (knit-a-long) this with my BKFF (Best knitting friend forever!), Caitlin. She is awesome:) And finished way before me! Last fall we KAL’d the Hemlock Ring Blanket and I finished way before she did, so I guess this is payback. We have fairly similar taste in patterns so I feel like we have another KAL idea already..but I can’t remember. Anyways, I finally got mine finished up on Saturday night so when she came over to my parents house for dinner on Sunday we both wore them (and had almost exact matching outfits otherwise by accident) and of course my mom had to take a picture..

Too cute, huh? Or dorky…We have been friends forever and knitting just turned into one more thing for us to talk about:)

My only complaint about this camisole is that I feel like with the length they want you to do there needs to be some hip shaping or something. I also HATE how it rolls, damn stockinette. I just need to block that out though. And I wish the pattern included instructions for sewing on ribbon for straps….Other than that, easy, peasy!

Some stats!
Pattern: <a href=""Vixen Camisole by Illanna Shapiro (Rav Link) from the book Sensual Knits
Yarn: Dream In Color Smooshy colorway “Blue Lagoon” I used one skein in its entirety and about 1/2oz of the second skein. Held double for the ribbing up top.
Needles US5 for the lace, US8 for the ribbing.
Mods: none other than length. I used ribbon from Michael’s for the straps, hand sewed them on.

I guess in between finishing my Haruni shawl and this, I did knit one sock. And I have cast on (although only knit three rows after casting on!) the second one, so I should have that to show you guys pretty soon:) And then I am starting a round of Christmas presents, so unless I can lie (which I am pretty terrible at) the blog may be quiet for a while….Ah well, not like its been super busy around this blog lately anyways!


3 responses to “Do I seriously only finish things once a month?

  1. You and Caitlin both rock – great tanks! How nice to have a such a great friend who can knit as well; – )

  2. clapotis!!!

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