Botanic Hat for a Boyfriend

So, my boyfriend just moved up to Alaska from Alabama in May. Culture/weather shock hardcore. It is finally starting to get kind of chilly here in the morning, and he has been working for my dad’s paving business, thus at work outdoors early in the morning. I had had this hat in my queue for a while, and he liked it…So I knit it for him! I had originally picked out a really nice heathered blue to go with the grey, but the colors were way too close together to look nice..We went back to my LYS and he picked out red, which is only fitting since his favorite football team is the Alabama Crimson Tide. (He is OBSESSED.) He had told me no red because he thought it’d be overpowering or something, but I think it looks really nice in this hat. It was a fun, easy knit and it fits his HUGE noggin. Which is actually only about an inch bigger around than mine. Anyways. I’ll quit blabbing and show some pictures!

I like this side of it the best..

He really is much, much cuter than this picture implies. I promise. He is just not always the most photogenic of people..

And a picture of my friend Sarena modeling it, to show off the cool decreases on the other side..

Pattern: Botanic Hat by Stephen West
Yarn: Plymouth Select Worsted Merino Superwash, Colorways 8 & 17.
Needles: US5 for the brim (because it was what I grabbed!) and US7 for the body.
Mods: I think I knit the body of the hat about 1/2″ longer than the pattern called for, simply because I wasn’t paying attention! That was about it though.
I looooved knitting this hat, it was easy to memorize and a much quicker knit that I anticipated. Now the boy needs mittens, hah. I also have ANOTHER FO to post about, but it got washed and is drying before I am taking pictures of it:) I went to Anchorage this weekend to visit friends and got quite a bit of knitting done while I was there.

Hope everyone had a good labor day weekend and is looking forward to knits-wearing weather as much as I am!


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