I love them. I want one. This is why:


Soft, warm, yummy, and amazing to knit with. Quiviut. I received this yarn as a present from my grandma. I am really glad I finally knit with it! Quiviut is like freakin’ butter to knit with. It is amazing!!!!! And I am so excited to wear this, although it does need to get a bit colder before I can wear it. It is lightweight, and one of the softest, warmest fibers in the world. Auuuggghhh. I could go on forever.



Pattern: Wavy Feathers Wimple
Yarn: Windy Valleys Quiviut, one skein. I used up just about as much of it as I could!
Needles: US4
Mods: well, I wanted to use as much as I could. The pattern calls for 3.5 repeats of the lace pattern, but I did 3 full repeats with rows 1-5 of the lace pattern again. And thats about the only mod I made. I am so in love with this. I want a muskox as a pet.


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