Noro Scarf Numero Dos


Noro Striped Scarf
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden 272 (1 skein) and 319 (two skeins)
Needle: US7
Mods: None really, I did 30 something (32?) stitches. I striped the last skein against itself.
Ravelry Link (Viewable to non rav members!)


I lovelovelove all the purple and green!



In other exciting news, I learned to spin tonight. One of my mom’s AWESOME coworkers let me learn on her drop spindle, and then she gave me an extra spindle of hers and a ton of fiber to practice on! aaahhh it is so fun to learn new things:)


One response to “Noro Scarf Numero Dos

  1. I think your scarves have inspired me! I’m been working on socks.. but need a break.. I love yours and think they would work as good Christmas gifts! 🙂

    Have fun spinning, it’s one thing I haven’t gotten into!

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